Connecting Politics with People

Connecting Politics with People

Believe it or not, there is a huge connection between politics and people. Others may have a different view about this, but the fact is that politics, takes a center stage in everyone’s life. This is the only means through which people get to choose who they would like to see, running the affairs of their country. However, if the wrong leader is voted in, it will also reflect negatively on the people. In another way, if good leaders were elected, people would also feel the impact positively.

People get the opportunity to choose who they want by casting their votes, and no matter how bad or boring you think the political atmosphere or activities of any country is, the involvement of people in politics is very vital. The only way people can show their discredit or express their desire for change is by getting involve in politics. This is the only way this can happen. We have also seen that when some leaders are voted in, most of them do not even listen to the masses anymore, but instead, go ahead to do whatever is in their mind. It is sad to say this but the truth is that when such things happen, the next time such leader solicits for votes from the people; there is every possibility of facing big disappointment.

Politics can also be very dicey. That is why most people do not want to get involve in it. In a country of about 100 million for example, you might find out that only 20 million or less might even come out to cast their votes. It is not that the rest 80 million or the population of people who are by law allowed to participate in political matters are not interested, but the dicey nature of politics can cause this to happen. When leaders solicit for supports or do their campaigns, they end up making lots of promises, which at the end of the day, they might not fulfil. This might even cause those who are passionate about politics to lose interest in it. They might not want to get involve in any political issue because they might see it as a waste of time. In other countries, we have witnessed where leaders (presidents, governors, etc) were voted out by the masses, because of their wrong or unfavorable practices. Some of these agitations from the people also resulted to civil unrest, which caused huge damages of properties and lost of lives. At the end of the day, those leaders were forcefully removed from office.

What is politics?

Politics simply refers to a theory were people are being influenced through the exercise of power. An example of such is through elections, governments, as well as political parties. Politicians need the support of the people to succeed in their elections. However, people also expect the so-called politicians to act on their promises when they get into office. The political parties cannot move forward or deliver without the help of the people. However, for anyone to win an election, it largely depends on the number of people that belongs to that political party or cast their votes for that candidate. This is why politicians do everything to get people to like them. Because the higher the amount of people you have in your camp, the more successful you may likely become in the next election. In a nutshell. Politics has a huge connection with the people.



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