Why I choose Global Work Camps for going to work abroad

Why I choose Global Work Camps for going to work abroad

What is a work camp?

A work camp refers to a group or gathering of willing and passionate people from all walks of life who have volunteered to work in non-profit oriented initiatives globally. Most work camps are scheduled during the summer season. The volunteers can be both professionals and non-professional. The major requirement is age; volunteers should be between the age of 18 years and 30 years.

Global Workcamps

Global Workcamps is a non-profit organization that was established in 2011. The driving force towards its establishment was to alleviate the suffering of the needy and helpless people all over the world. It is important to note that Global Work Camps (GWC) has no affiliation with any political group, religious group or race. The only goal of this organization is to help the helpless. The volunteers who work with the organization are of different religious background, races, nationalities, ethnicities and political affiliations. The vision of this organization is to make the world a habitable place for all human beings including the marginalized groups and the underprivileged individuals.

Why should you choose GWC for going to work abroad?

It is always a memorable experience working abroad, especially if the work is voluntary. There is nothing that gives the heart more joy than putting a smile on the face of another human being. With GWC, you are going to put smiles on the faces of needy people and achieve much more than that. The following are the reasons I choose GWC for going to work abroad;


GWC is a non-profit organization that does not receive funding from any other institution. For this reason, volunteers have to pay small fees to work with the organization. The fees are not reasonable; they are affordable fees that are meant to sustain the global initiatives to support the poor.


The joy of working abroad is that you get to see places that you have not seen before. With GWC you will achieve this. The organization has voluntary programs all over the world. You will get to travel to all parts of the world helping those in need. Their destinations are across all the continents; Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe. You will work but also gain a great experience seeing places you have never seen before.

Service to volunteers

The greatest advantage of working with GWC is the service the organization will offer you as a volunteer. They will make your working experience memorable. The organization will not leave you stranded after you arrive at the airport. They will have arranged pickup for you and accommodation at the host country. In case the language of the locals is strange to you, they have language and culture orientation programs. They will help with transportation within the host country. The organization has a functional hotline where volunteers can seek help anytime of the day. In short, your working experience will be very comfortable.


If you are looking forwards towards working abroad, GWC is the right choice for you. Visit their website to apply. You will not regret this decision.



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