Lower Your Energy Bills

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Lower Your Energy Bills

Is your organization paying more than it has to for energy and utilities? Would you like to reduce these fixed and significant costs? Our team of experts can help you to…

  • reduce billing errors
  • leverage the best rates available, and
  • optimize your energy consumption


Is your organization prepared for these challenges?

Monitoring and analyzing your energy bills for errors – Only a thorough audit of your invoices and their supporting documentation will help you to identify errors. Once identified, someone must contact your provider to substantiate your findings and have them corrected. If you’ve ever done this, you know the process is demanding and time consuming.

Understanding the fees and tariffs included on your invoice – Some fees are fixed and mandatory while others may not be. Knowing which fees can be negotiated will require research on your part.

Locating and taking advantage of the best available rates – Savings are available to those who know where and how to look.

Using your energy resources efficiently – Validating and controlling your energy consumption is possible, however a thorough energy audit requires trained personnel working with the latest technology.

While deregulation may provide your organization with opportunities for savings, the process is slow and complex. You need a solution NOW.


Your solution is a phone call away!

At Ingenuity, our audit specialists understand the many complexities related to utility billing so you don’t have to. We will accurately identify billing errors, cost recovery opportunities and alternatives for reducing your rates. Even if you’ve recently had a utility audit completed, our team can usually help you identify additional opportunities for savings.


Cost To You

Our contingency-based fees are based entirely on the money that we save you. We do not charge any up-front fees and we are paid over time as you receive the related refunds, credits and savings. Our value-based pricing and long-term focus on customer relationships will eliminate any risk for you and provide strong incentive for us to find the best solutions available.


Getting Started

Contact us at utilities@teamingenuity.com and let us create a plan to help you enjoy significant savings on your energy bills.


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